About Our Escape Games


Step back in time to 1952 - the Hollywood golden age! Elvis Presley played on the radio and Dragnet on the television. You have entered into the dressing room of a famous Hollywood starlet, but she is nowhere to be found! Upon investigation, you discover that she may have been kidnaped or possibly murdered! Is she the girlfriend of the elusive Secret Agent 001? Did Agent 001 flee because he was a suspect of murder? Perhaps the Starlet is not dead at all?
Can you and the other escape detectives crack the case and escape the room before the possible killer returns?

Wizard A101

 You find yourself in the mysterious potions room! Grab your cloaks and practice those spells! This room could get a little Harry!  Will you find the correct spell and escape the room before the Mysterium Wizard returns?



Our first game is Agent 22.  Our secret agent appears to have defected and taken info that is vital to our national security.  You have fifty minutes to solve where he is hiding before he sells the secrets.  Oh, by the way he has rigged the room with a bomb and you need to defuse it before it blows up.  Think you are up to the challenge? Come find out.